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What are some common uses of double sided foam tape ?

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

One of the many products we can produce here at Femstar packaging (Pvt) Ltd is double sided foam tape. True to its name, double sided foam tape holds adhesive on both sides of the tape, which helps to form an invisible bond between two surfaces. Double sided foam tape is therefore excellent at sticking together parallel surfaces, two surfaces at an angle or a joint, or acting in place of rivets, screws and bolts.

One of the greatest qualities of double sided foam tape is its suitability for a wide variety of industries. But which industries make use of this type of tape? Here’s just a few of the applications for which double sided foam tape is regularly used:

Mounting mirrors

Double sided foam tape is regularly used by furniture manufacturers bonding mirrors onto wardrobes. With the strength of this tape connecting the mirror and the surface, there is no risk of it falling off, allowing the mirror to serve its function in the room as a focal decorative point and a useful household tool.

Cable trunking

Double sided foam tape is a preferred material of choice for other household businesses. One such type of business that finds double sided foam tape useful is manufacturers of cable trunking.

Cable trunking is often used to house wires in household environments and keep them safe from being tripped over or sustaining wear and tear. Double sided foam tape is therefore a regular material of choice to secure the trunking to the wall, keeping it out of the way and preventing it from being dislodged.

Double glazing

Window manufacturers often use double sided foam tape to secure their glass to the frame of the window. Due to the qualities of this type of tape, which make it very hardy and ideal for working with dissimilar surfaces, it is great for providing weather resistance and being used on windows and doors made from a wide range of materials such as aluminium, vinyl and treated wood.

Car number plates

As you will likely know, it is a legal requirement for a vehicle to show its registration number. As it is so durable, many car number plate manufacturers use our double-sided foam tape to attach the number plates to cars.

Contact us!

Here at Femstar packaging, we can produce a range of double sided foam tapes from 0.88mm to 12mm thick. We manufacture most of our products in house and can also supply double sided foam tape in log roll form for slitting and converting at your own convenience.

If you are interested in learning more about our double sided foam tapes can benefit your business or would like us to manufacture a bespoke solution for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. You can do this by getting in touch with us via our contact form. We’d be delighted to discuss the options we have available with you and provide the right solution.

- Femstar Packaging Team -

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