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professional manufacturers

FEMSTAR PACKAGING is a private liability company, incorporated in year 2013 under FEMSTAR HOLDINGS. It is a professional manufacture of Paper Tubes/ Paper Cores, Adhesive Tapes, stretch Films and Food wrapping Films (Cling Films) under the brand name of FEMSTAR

Guided by the tenet of Quality is the first life of the enterprise, management is the most important routine for the factory. The company is located at plot No. 26, Industrial Estate Dankotuwa, Sri Lanka. It is 25 km away from Colombo International Airport and 55 km away from Colombo International Harbor.The Factory area is 15,000 square feet and highly advanced new machineries are installed to take quality output for our valuable customers requirements.

It has been taken all measures to minimize the effect to the environment at the production


Achieve national prominence and to be recognized by our customers as the Island leader and most professional solutions provider in packaging Industry. We will be our customers exclusive supplier, continuously improving customer service, quality of product and productivity.


FEMSTAR is in the business of importing and processing of packing materials. These products are in accordance with the specifications required. We will strive to do this better than anyone else and continually improve.

Our Location

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Our Key Products


Packing Tapes

Double Sided Adhesive









(Food Grade)


Products Information

BOPP Packing Tapes

BOPP Packing Tapes are very fast moving product in our product range. Light weight, high Tensile strength and high adhesive strength are key features of them. Mainly used to seal, bind or reinforce the corrugated cartons, parcel or baggage. There are so many colors in this product range. Clear, Tan (brown), Butter Milk, Red, Green and Blue are available with us.

Further those are categorized as follows according to the application .The standard widths are 12mm,24mm,36mm,48mm,60mm,70mm and standard lengths are 50m,100m,500m and 1000m. The thickness is from0.036mmto0.050mm

Double Sided Adhesive (tissue)Tape

It is a very fast moving product in our products range. Double sided tissue tape consists of a tissue paper; it's both sides are coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive and then covered with a releasing paper. It has strong adhesive strength, no smell, and tear able adhesive surface. It is suitable for join or attaches two objects. Our major customers are in textile field. Our product is floored more than 75% of textile field in Sri Lanka. This is a tailor-made product. We are having different qualities to meet the different quality of fabrics. Further we are having different qualities which can be used for papers.The width can be varied from 3mm to 1000mm and length is up to 500m.

Masking tape

It is a very fast moving product in our products range. Masking tape is based on high grade creep paper. Its features include easy - tearing, good adhesion, temperature resistance, no residue, excellent flexibility and environmental friendly. TheProduct code: PM06 mainly used for packing industry and Product code: PM04 is used for painting industry. It has speciallybeen designed for high temperature and no glue particles on surface. This is tailor a made product and standard size for packaging 48mm/72mm x 50m and for painting industry12mm/24mm x 24m.

Paper Tubes

Paper tubes are manufactured out of high quality imported Kraft / Core board papers using a fully automatic double coated machine. Mainly used in Textile industry. The diameter of the tube can be variedfrom 20mm to 250m .Thethickness can be varied from 1.5mm to 12mm and length up to 40 feet to meet customerís requirements. Further it can be manufactured with or without inner or outer printed paper.


LLDPE Stretch films are widely used in packing industry for pallet wrapping. It is used asmoisture absorption barrier. It has high tensile strength. Commonly used 0.021mm and 0.023mm (thickness) films are available with us. The width can be varied from 5mm to 500mm. the weight up to 36kg (Net) or Length up to 5000m.The standard size is 500mm x 2.5kg (Wd x Wg)

CLING FILM (Food Grade)

PE nontoxic food grade cling film is used for Hotels and food catering industry. It can be used up to 110 centigrade. It can be used for Micro wave ovens. No smell and no any harmful gases up to that temperature. The standard widths are 300mm and 450mm. the length or weight according to the customer's wish. It is coming with self separation cutter way.


Quality Control

Creating FEMSTAR brand name is our never-ending quest. Our quality policy is "Quality is market, Quality is profit, and Quality is life". We constantly strive to improve product and process quality. Our daily production process follows management principal of effective management and accountability for every employee. Our excellent Research &Development capability, coupled with rigid quality management system provides a solid foundation for our product quality, and provides a strong support for creating FEMSTAR brand name in world wide.

Thickness testing machine (Dialgauge)

Peel Adhision Testing Machine

Holding Power Testing machine

Tensile Testing Machine




Plot No 26
Industrial Zone
Sri Lanka.



Hot Lines

0718 60 60 60
0718 61 61 61